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Custom Home 
With our specialties we help our clients create their dream homes. Our team designs approximately 100 houses a year. From small addition decks or garages to multi unit buildings. We have a range of  knowledge and services we provide to achieve your goal. We design homes throughout the City of Ottawa. Different parts of the city include, Westboro, St. Claire Gardens, Blossom Park, Manotick, Greely, Rockland. 

Our Services include:

Bungalows                     Additions  

Two-Storeys                  Low rise multi unit apartments:

Coach house                Semi-Dethatched  

Decks                               Triplex 

Garage  ​                          8 units

231 Daniel - front 1.jpg
FRONT 4.jpg
Committee of Adjustment

For the past 40 years, we are proud to specialize in severing land and minor variance applications with Committee of Adjustment. With our educated staff and years of experience, our goal is to help our clients achieve their ambitions. 

Some of the applications include: 









If you are looking to sever land or request the Committee for a Minor variance, we are here to provide you with any questions you may have. 

1015 Miss Ottawa St.
1349 Ridgedale St.     
1691 Rosebella Ave.    
2927 Highfield Cres.

(Among many others)

271 Queen Mary St.    
505 Dawson Ave.
505-507 Churhill Ave.
469 Edgeworth Ave.
470 Mutual St.
486 Wentworth Ave.
623 Rowanwood Ave.
884 Byron Ave.         
925 Falaise Rd.   

11 Tower Rd.
37 Tower Rd.
36 Oakridge Boul.
44 Imperial Ave.
47 Lees Ave.
47 Elvaston Ave.
50 Oakridge Boul. 
56 Starwood Rd. 
84 St. Claire Ave.

96 Harris PL.

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